1. Humanize Your Brand

Introduce your audience to the people behind the brand. Highlight different employees’ stories and have them share their experiences working with the brand.

Your #customers want to talk to people, not #brands
Your #customers want to talk to people, not #brands

2. Engage with Your Customers

Feature your consumers. Ask them to submit stories about their experiences with your product or service. Create a contest with your audiences’ interests and passions in mind. Listen to your community. Make sure you understand what your consumers are interested in and use your content to give it to them.

Give your #consumers a chance to speak
Give your #consumers a chance to speak

3. Network, Network, Network!

Talk to influential figures in the industry. Get in touch with other brands and find opportunities for cross promoting. You need to engage not only with your targeted consumers’ but with leaders in your field as well.

Other #brands aren’t always competition, they’re a chance for #crosspromotion
Other #brands aren’t always competition, they’re a chance for #crosspromotion

4. Don’t Undervalue Your Values

What does your brand stand for? Articulate your values to differentiate your brand and connect on a more personal level with your consumers. Use your content to tell your audience why you are do what you are do and what that means to your brand.

5. Invest in Long Form Content

You do not need to write a short blog post every day. Instead consider investing your resources in long-form content. Write two or three posts a week with 1,000+ words. Long-form content is a great way to improve your search rank and traffic. It allows you to provide more valuable information which will in turn attract your targeted consumer base. People are more likely to share long-form articles and will visit your website in the future for more information.

6. Be Consistent

Brand consistency will take your marketing to the next level. It will make your brand feel more dependable and trustworthy so that your consumers know exactly who you are and what you are about. Purchasing decisions are more emotional than practical. If people know your brand and trust your brand they are more likely to purchase from you.

Be consistent and take your #contentmarketing to the next level
Be consistent and take your #contentmarketing to the next level

7. Use Multiple Platforms to Showcase Your Content

Marketing your brand across multiple platforms increases your opportunities to interact with your targeted audience. By reaching customers on their preferred channel, you are casting a wide net to maximize engagement.

8. Enrich Your Content with Visuals

Visuals are a critical part of marketing. People process images much faster than text. High quality visuals will appeal to your audience more than just text. It will keep on your site for longer and more engaged with your brand.

9. Create a Company Blog

This will ensure that you have a consistent flow of content. It will help your brand stay current with the trends in your niche, and it will keep your consumers engaged with what your brand is doing within the field.

10. Quality over Quantity

Do not just write for the sake of writing. Every piece of content your brand publishes should provide value or enhance your brand’s story in some fashion. Share experiences- your brand’s successes as well as your brand’s failures. Talk about where your brand origins. Storytelling marketing is a great method your brand can use to keep your consumers’ attentions.

Take your time with your #contentmarketing!  Remember #quality over quantity!
Take your time with your #contentmarketing! Remember #quality over quantity!

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