Nancy Bennett

Two Bit Circus is an interactive entertainment agency that softens the boundaries between physical and digital space with productions like Story Room, an immersive team play game that popped up at Dave & Buster’s last month; Nancy Bennett is the agency’s Chief Content Officer, leading Two Bit Circus’ virtual reality efforts.

Follow @TwoBitCircus. Bennett is @itfrom2bit.

Ekaterina Walter

“Visual storytelling is the new currency,” says Walter, and her book The Power of Visual Storytelling serves as a guide to leveraging visual information into attention and action. Walter was rubbing shoulders with Oprah and Warren Buffett from her spot on Fortune’s roll call of the “Most Impactful Businesspeople” in 2014.

Follow her at @ekaterina.

Kate Lee

Recovering literary agent Kate Lee now crafts content strategy at Medium, an alternative blogging site that cures the worst social media hangovers with thoughtful long-form treatises on topics that really matter. Medium was launched in 2012 by Evan Williams and Biz Stone, and has become synonymous with quality content. Medium is used by 17 million people every month, including Barack Obama, who chose the platform as the place to share the text of his last State of the Union Address.

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Liz Valentine

As the CEO of Swift, Liz Valentine makes social media work for her client roster, which includes major brands like Adidas, Twitter, and Starbucks. If you spend any time at all on social media, you’ve seen Valentine’s influence—Swift created the Starbucks #MakeSomeFun campaign (which engaged 20 million new people without paying a single red cent for media, and resulted in the company’s YOY sales growing by 14%) and also launched Adidas’ presence on Pinterest, creating boards that give training tips and show off the brand’s sporty style. Within a month of launch, Adidas was leading the Pinterest pack.

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