Summer is here! Take out your lawn chairs, fire up the grill, and crack open a nice cold brew, because the sun is out and the warm, sweet, nights of summer are upon us!

And, really, what better way to celebrate the beginning of summer than with a nice, and cold, refreshing, beer? So, sit back, relax, hydrate, and check out how this high profile, brewery turnt up their marketing game.


Budweiser has revisited their roots in a new ad campaign that aired during this years Super Bowl. Popularity and demand for craft beer has risen in the past few years, and Budweiser has struggled to keep up. Sales in the US have declined by “mid-single digits, while estimated market share was down 20 points.” Budweiser needed a new marketing plan that repositioned their brand in the public’s mind. Their new content strategy sought not only to commemorate the company’s origins, but to also celebrate the foundation of our country- the American dream.

The ad that aired during the Super Bowl narrated the story of Budweiser’s founder, Adolphus Busch, a German immigrant who came to America to realize his dream of brewing beer and creating his own brewery. The tale was short but significant, and really resonated with the public. Although unplanned, the immigration theme proved lucrative.

This brand wins at #advertising by celebrating #immigration. @Budweiser
This brand wins at #advertising by celebrating #immigration. @Budweiser

According to the marketing-tech company, Amobee, the overall digital content engagement for Budweiser increased by 606% since the advertisement first aired. Part of this was the political climate surrounding the ad’s release. During this time, Donald Trump issued an executive order temporarily restricting immigrants and refugees in predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States.

When this ad aired during the Super Bowl, a Seattle judge had just issued a nationwide restriction on Trump’s travel ban. Many praised Budweiser for what they perceived as a stance against the travel ban and the Trump administration.

In truth, the ad was not political at its inception. The concept of an ad celebrating the American Dream came to fruition a full year before Trump’s travel ban. Ricardo Marques, Vice President of Marketing at Budweiser, explains that, “we [Budweiser] had been celebrating the country in advertisements for the last few years, [and] we wanted to go deeper and celebrate the actual values of the American dream." Budweiser is not the only brand benefiting from the immigration theme. According to Amobee, 17% of this years Super Bowl advertising digital content engagement has mentioned immigration. It is a topic close to the hearts of many Americans.

“We wanted to go deeper and celebrate the actual values of the American dream.” Ricardo Marques, VP of Marketing, Budweiser
Brands win when they share where they come from & their values. #storytelling @budweiser
Brands win when they share where they come from & their values. #storytelling @budweiser

Budweiser’s origin story connected with audiences because of both the story’s political saliency, and because it showed their consumers who the company was, where they came from, and their values. Sharing this particular story tugged consumers heartstrings and effectively created buzz around the brand.

Budweiser’s success illustrates the potency of good storytelling as well as the significance of consumer values. Albeit unintentional, Budweiser’s tale struck a chord with consumers because they took a stand for their values.

Consumers love a good story, but they also love brands that mirror their own social values.