Modern consumers look after their online personas with the care and dedication of master horticulturalists; choosing to dissociate from brands that have dried up or become irrelevant is a matter of routine maintenance. And once you’ve been pruned, it’s hard to come back– there is an endless supply of new, novel ideas waiting to fill your spot.

Brands with strong content marketing plans are more likely to capture a prospect’s attention and build a relationship that will weather the seasons.
Here are five tips for growing your own successful content marketing strategy:

1. Remember your values.
Brands whose articulated missions align with the passions or values of consumers are the ones who will win their hearts, and their loyalty. You don’t have to be Tom’s or charity:water (although those two brands do exemplify masterful values-based content marketing), but you do need to communicate how you are helping your customers live happier or better lives.

2. Forget the “general public.”
Stop trying to create content for the general public, because it doesn’t exist. Spend some time figuring out who buys your product or service, who uses it, and where they hang out online. Then tailor your content to that platform, for that audience, like Yesler did for Xbox. The smaller the segments you target, the more relevant your content will be.

3. Go big or go home.
Content that provokes us, inspires us, and even outrages us, is the content that we share and remember. Boring stock images and SEO copy will not help you achieve these things. Be bold!

4. Invest in quality.

According to Forbes, it’s going to be “quality over quantity” in 2016, especially with visual content; faster internet speeds and smarter smartphones are letting us look at better video and photos, even on the go. You may not have the budget to hire a professional photographer or an award-winning journalist, but you can still rethink how you use the resources that you do have. Maybe it’s time to rethink your company’s stance on social media, and encourage your employees to blog, tweet, and post about your brand on the company’s time.

5. Keep it fresh.
Create and publish often. Pull the best quotes, points, facts, and images from your long-form stories and share them across other social media platforms a few times a week to maximize the resources you’re using.

One more tip– measure your influence! Getting a top-level view of consumer engagement will help you see objectively what content is resonating with your audience.

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