If you haven’t heard of Chance the Rapper, you may not be paying close attention to the hip hop music scene. Chancellor Bennett, aka Chance the Rapper, has emerged as one of the most prominent artists of his time and all without the support of any music label.

Chance is an independent artist and thus has complete control over how he makes and distributes his music. While creatively this has many advantages, it also means he has no stable financial backing. He had to devise some savvy marketing tactics with a limited budget. However, Chance has demonstrated the true value of good content. He has tapped into a passionate fan base and crafted a unique marketing experience that has successfully catapulted him into the mainstream media. Here is a peek into some of the marketing techniques Chance has employed.

Social Media

This is a no brainer. In order to remain relevant and to maintain an active and engaged fan base, social media is a must. Chance has used social platforms such as Facebook since his high school days.

Through these platforms he shares his music and encourages others to pass it along, creating a “word-of-mouth” effect. Thus was the start of his fan base build-up.

Even now, Chance still actively engages with social media by offering exclusive content and early access to merchandise and shows.

Leading up to the release of his album Coloring Book, Chance started a poster campaign through his social media platforms. Fans were able to purchase posters online and were told to hang them up anywhere and everywhere. The posters were a hit and popped up in every major city, and Chance ended up collecting a hefty sum for his efforts.

Using the “word-of-mouth” effect, Chance has not only built a strong fanbase, but also collected a hefty sum for his efforts.


Chance also took a unique approach in regards to his merchandise. Instead of the usual promotional apparel, Chance let his fans create customized shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc., on his website. Prospective buyers could choose their own color and graphic design which created a more “one-of-a-kind” experience.

Chance’s fans get a “one-of-a-kind” experience by designing their own merchandise.
Chance’s fans get a “one-of-a-kind” experience by designing their own merchandise.

Promotional Appearances

Chance has also hosted a number of surprise events.

These events are often free and open to the community which means a lot of people usually end up attending. This creates a lot of buzz and good press.

Chance’s events are free and open to the community, which means a lot of people end up attending.

Some Takeaways

It is clear that a major component to Chance’s success is due to a passionate fan-base. By catering to his audience, Chance mobilized people for his cause. The most significant victory that Chance has achieved from his marketing efforts is a passionate fan-base. They have allowed him to create music as an independent label and brand, and they have become his greatest marketing weapon.