This Valentine’s Day, on a holiday that traditionally involves ribboned jewelry boxes and dinner out, a great many of us will be staying in.

In fact, 27 percent of Millennials say they won’t even go out in public at all on Valentine’s Day—even though 56 percent of them plan to celebrate the holiday.

These young lovers are putting their own stamp on the holiday, by bucking the norm and staying in, and a few brands have horned in on the opportunity to help them do just that. These brands are successfully making connections with their target segment by offering non-traditional, out-of-the-box experiences.


On its “Dining In” survey, food conglomerate ConAgra found that Millennials think dinner at home is more romantic than dinner out. Those Millennials say that here’s just one problem, though—they need kitchen tutoring. What to cook? How long to cook it? What to serve it with?!

ConAgra teaches #Millennials how to create a sweet spread this #Valentines Day.

ConAgra—which owns the Hunt's tomatoes line and the Reddi-wip line, among others—partnered with internet cooking show host Laura Vitale and grocery delivery service Instacart to develop recipes, video how-tos, and affordable shopping lists that enable the virtually painless preparation of a romantic dinner for two.
Peach Dish

You might have heard of dinner-in-a-box phenoms Plated and BlueApron—these companies send boxes of fresh, pre-portioned ingredients in insulated boxes right to your door, along with beautifully illustrated instructions on how to prepare sophisticated modern recipes.

What’s romantic food? Peach Dish boxes the answer & delivers it to your home for #ValentinesDay dinner.

Peach Dish is an Atlanta-based food subscription service of the same variety, and seems to be just about the only one offering a non-subscription box for Valentine's Day. Lobster risotto, bourbon brownie trifle—this company put a lot of thought into what foods say "romance." They offer three- or four-course Valentine's Day boxes for between $69 and $109, with many locally sourced ingredients. Fun bonus: sweeties get to make their own whipped cream by shaking it up in jars with a little vanilla salt. Sure beats Reddi-wip, huh?
Allure Art

Step 1: Cover the floor with a tarp to protect it from splatters.

Step 2: Don disposable shoe covers.
Starting to sound uncomfortably like an episode of Dexter? It’s actually just prep work for Allure Art, a painting kit for couples.

Step 3: Smear each other with non-toxic paint.

Step 4: Throw a canvas down on the ground and let nature take its course.
The result is a beautiful abstract painting that only two people will know the story behind.

This cool idea was made cooler by a recent
endorsement from Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga endorsed Allure Art’s creative & immersive Valentine’s Day experience.
Andaz London Liverpool Street

Ok, so it’s not exactly staying at home. It’s more like staying at home IF you were a millionaire with a good palate, good design aesthetic, and kinda mainstream taste in movies. The Andaz London Liverpool Street, playing off of the “Netflix and chill” euphemism, launched a “Bed, Flicks, and Chill” package that includes unlimited movies, a chilled bottle of Prosecco, and gin and tonic flavored popcorn, along with a 2 pm checkout, in case you’re up all night…watching movies. At £189 a night, it’s also more affordable and less creepy than its NYC Airbnb counterpart, the $400/night “Netflix and Chill” room.

Bed, flicks, & chill all night long at Andaz London Liverpool Street.

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