Is there another industry as perfectly suited to content marketing as the travel industry? Especially at this icy and seemingly endless time of year, we find ourselves at our desks, daydreaming of coconut-based cocktails and secret ski slopes, and information about world destinations seems to just magically appear on our screens. These travel brands know it, and invest in show-stopping articles, video, and multimedia that give us the kind of escape we’re looking for.

Emirates Airline [kills it in the content department.]( From design to storytelling to production, Emirates creates pieces that are captivating and carry strong messages about things that matter to people, like conservation and culture. Emirate's partnership with the New York Times gives its campaigns lift, sure, but its content stands on its own merit.

Did you know that Americans have hundreds of millions of vacation days that go unused every year? We’re overworked and undertraveled, which is why Visit Costa Rica recently launched [#SavetheAmericans](, a quirky campaign encouraging us to take a break, already! Visit Costa Rica partnered with [Matador Network](, which specializes in creating content for destinations and travel brands, to create the campaign.

Marriott now has its own creative agency, led by former Disney execs, and they’re putting out some amazing content that has managed to position the brand as a go-to for young travelers. Marriott even released an art heist film—set in a Marriott, of course—called [Two Bellmen](, that is surprisingly watchable and not at all like the long-form advertisement we expect it to be. In fact, it’s gotten more than five million views on YouTube, and reactions were so positive that the company is working on a sequel.

Marriott’s key move here is giving the public something with entertainment value, for free. In an interview with Contently, Marriott CMO Karin Timpone says,

“Really any marketer today would admit that if your efforts are just a one-way telling, then it’s not going to go much further. It has to be a shareable story to engage people.”

“Sometimes a few nights away is all we need to lift our spirits and feed our souls with a good dose of culture,” says [this travel agency](, which specializes in vacations for solo travelers. Just You does it right by zeroing in on the particular needs of a particular segment of people and creating [content that speaks to those needs.]( This campaign was created in partnership with The Telegraph, giving it a nice reach and an informative feel that vacation planners surely find valuable.

This list of [awesome things to do RIGHT NOW]( in Mammoth Lakes isn’t really revelatory—many of these same things can be done in any ski town—but Mammoth Lakes makes a smart move in co-opting the Thrillist Voice, which is very in-the-know and very carpe diem. It’s just the kind of tone that has vacation-seekers reaching for their credit cards and envisioning all of the likes they’ll be racking up over the course of their wild weekend.

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